"Between The Toes" - Advanced Nursing Foot Care
foot prints in the sand
Say goodbye to corns and calluses
Tips for Healthy Feet:
1.   Clean your feet daily with a mild soap and water.
2.  Luke warm water is best.  Hot water can cause burns.  Diabetics     are at great risk related to decreased sensation.
3.   Do not soak your feet for more than 10-15 minutes as this causes drying.
4.   Ensure to dry feet thoroughly and be careful to dry between your toes.
5.  Apply a moisturizing cream to your feet preferably while your skin is slightly moist.  Do not apply between the toes.
6.  For naturally moist feet apply a foot powder between the toes.  Apply small amount on a towel and dust onto the toes.  Do not apply excessive amounts as this causes “caking”
7.  Ensure to change your socks/hosiery daily.  Cotton socks are the  best as they allow the feet to breathe.
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